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Director of Operations

Janet Sheldon

Board of Directors

Joyce Waggett

From the IACT Board Secretary
As the Secretary of the board of directors, I need to address something to all property owners. When writing a letter to the board of directors, there are three things in which you need to be aware: 1) the board only considers letters from property owners, 2) you must sign your full name on the letter/email and 3) you must include your glen and lot number(s). No letters can be considered unless they adhere to these three things. Thank you.


Administration Office

Sandra Kerns
(540) 582-6314 Option #1

Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Saturday 8:30am-4:50pm


(540) 582-3246


TW Sheldon

Site Control

Joniqua Wright
(540) 582-6314 Option #2 or 540-582-6444


Captain Mickens
(540) 582-5532


PO River Water & Sewer

(540) 582-2184
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Rec Center

Carolyn Washington-Newman
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Trading Post Store

Dave Wareheim
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IACT Restaurant

Dave Wareheim
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P.O. Box 120, Thornburg, VA 22565

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6437 Morris Rd, Spotsylvania, VA 22551